Yuan-ti (Northern)

The Yuan-ti of the Northern Continent are primarily explorers or warriors. When the Yuan-ti first established a colony there, it was for the purpose of meeting new races, having been inspired to contact other races by a shipwrecked elf who landed on their shores.

From Marast, many explorers set out to map the coastlines and meet new peoples, bringing Yuan-ti goods and culture to the peoples of the world. Unfortunately, before long the threat of Karsus arose, and the Yuan-ti were forces to switch to a more pragmatic, militaristic viewpoint.

While still friendly with other races, the Yuan-ti of the northern continent have switched to a military footing in recent years in order to hold back the waves of undead from their ancestral homeland. Equally unfortunate is the mysterious cut-off of contact from their southern brethren. With unconfirmed reports of Abomination appearing to the south-east, many have come to fear the worst.

Yuan-ti as PCs


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Yuan-ti (Northern)

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