Order of the Shining Scale – dragons- Much of the written history of the world has come from them

Scales of Order – yuanti- the order of paladins founded by Sondossa to defend the yuanti against the darkness of undeath

Order of the Forked Tongue – yuanti- the order of malcontents in the city of Thuul promoting expansion, conquest, and corruption

Dig Deeper – dwarves- an order focusing on delving into the deep secrets of the mountains and following veins of precious metals as deep as they go

Order of the Brewers’ Fist – dwarves- a monastic order founded to protect their fields of hops aboveground against those who might try to steal their secrets

Order of the Closed Fist – Monsoonians- founded by Toshi XIII to train the Monsoonians in discipline and rigorous land combat

Order of the Fang – lycanthropes- founded by Fenris to combine Norse and lycanthrope fighting techniques against the ghouls

The Abandoned – yuanti- an order that taught that the gods have abandoned the yuanti, and so the yuanti should abandon the gods. It was this order that slew the great Karthak

Halfling Resistance – halflings- a band of halflings and others working underground in the city of Dogorn to free the halflings from the subjugation of the Monsoonians

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