Notable Locations

Hag Sea – the large inland sea in the northeast, out of which Hags have been coming for centuries

The Aberration – a horrific huge mass of flesh covering what used to be the city of Thuul and the surrounding area in Karthak. Semi-sentient, it is trapped behind the great force wall built by Sondossa and his yuanti mages. A piece of the Aberration was what slew the great Karthak and resurrected him as its own avatar. Bits of it have been found on the northern continent.

The Lost Woods – the forest of the elven kingdom of Eftheilis, surrounded by a magical wall of illusion to keep others out

The Labyrinth – the maze built and maintained by the race of Minotaur. None know what it contains.

Here be Dragons – the magical rift formed at the source of Agnarok’s blood, from which devils and demons occasionally emerge, into which the dracolich Agnarok fell when he was reanimated

Ruins in the lost woods – a ruined ancient temple to the sarruhk, recently discovered and presently being investigated further

City in the Sands – the ruins of a once magnificent city. It is said that the city moves through the desert, being hidden and revealed by the shifting sands.

Caldera of the Heaves – a mysterious calder of a former supervolcano in the sea north of the Monsoon Islands

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Notable Locations

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