Karthak- southern kingdom of Yuanti

The Monsoon Islands- island archipelago in the eastern seas ruled over by Mikado Toshi. Capital is Watatsumi. Their territory includes the land of the halflings

Normandy- capital is London. Original capital was the city with the same name, but it moved to the city of London late in the third age, after the

Atlantis- city state of the merfolk, deep below the waves. Few have ever visited it, and even fewer have ever returned, although the merfolk are not hostile by nature.

Eftheilis- the ancient kingdom of the elves in the Lost Woods, ruled by the avatar Theeni. Capital is Shalath

Babylonia- mostly fallen kingdom of the Mesites in the southeastern plains. Capital was Ur, but their ruler fled to Chaldea when the undead took over it.

Spellhold- the city state of Azuth, determined to fight against the undead

The Collected Republic of Gnomes- This disorganized mess can hardly be called a nation, but there it is. Capital is Samspat

The Dwarven Highlands- Ruled by the six original tribes of Quail, The Dwarven Highlands is home to races of miners, smiths, and ale brewers. Mostly isolated in the past, the Dwarves have begin to send their people out to create new trade and examine the threat of the Undead to the west. The main focus of the Dwarven people, at present, is to rebuild their capital city of Quail, and fortify there existing cities, lease the Demons that destroyed their largest city return.

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