Several branches of the human race exist in modern Ethelesar:

Undeath Survivors – These humans are primarily those of the original stock of humans broken from the slavery of the dragons during the first age. They are the people of the race of Netheril, before its destruction and the blight of undeath. Many of them live in Spellhold, the city of Azuth, while others are enslaved by the undead and by Karsus. They strive hard to live their lives despite the undead, but many of them are hidden and live in fear.

Monsoonians – The Monsoonians broke away from the rest of their race after the destruction of Netheril and fled to the Monsoon Islands in the east with the assistance of the yuanti. They live under their Mikado, Toshi, and for the past several hundred years have been expanding beyond their island kingdoms. The lands of the halflings are currently subject to the Mikado, and trade with the dwarves runs strong.

Mesites – The Babylonian civilization has been partially overrun by the undead. The cities of Ur and Nebuchadnezzar have been taken, but Chaldea is still free. Many Mesites have fled their homeland to other, safer, areas.

Scands – The Norsemen live in a loose civilization of individual towns and villages. They have no overarching government, but their civilization is intricately tied to that of the lycanthropes. Their main cities are Deepfang and Nordburg.

Normans – The Normans live in the south along the coastline, trading with the yuanti and trying to avoid the affairs of other nations. London is their capital city.

Desert Nomads – The humans in the desert live primarily in nomadic tribes, although they do have two cities, more to provide others a place to attack or to visit for trade than to actually live in.


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