Three branches of elves exist in the world of Ethelesar: high elves, wild elves, and the avariel

High Elves- the original race of elves who woke in wooded heart of the world, who soon moved to the western forest, the Lost Woods. Their three main cities are Shalath, Tolyn and Leenyis. Theeni, their avatar, daughter of Illana, still lives with them in Shalath. They are reclusive and not particularly interested in events beyond their woods, unless those events involve other elves, although bands of brave seafaring yuanti have occasionally attracted their interest. Healing, illusion magic, art, music, and literature are their focus. They have, however, built walls both around their cities and around their woods, both of stone and of magic. The borders of their woods are shrouded in illusion magic and bolstered by the power of the avatar Theeni. Only some sea routes and the route down the river are still open.

Wild Elves- the decimated branch of elves who remained in their birthplace and were almost wiped out by the invasion of the undead. Their main city was Carstra, now destroyed by the undead. The slain Illana taught them the secrets of divination and war magic in the ages before her death. At the beginning of the third age, Koryn the Lich Queen invaded, earning herself enemies forever in the elves of all kinds. Although Koryn’s city was torn down by Illana herself, the necromantic knowledge they obtained was to be their downfall, for some of the wild elves have become corrupted by it and slew Illana. The undead marched across their lands and slew every one they could find, until now the wild elves are almost extinct, the few who remain deep in hiding from their evil necromantic brethren.

The Avariel- the winged elves who lived in the mountains north of Carstra, who were also slaughtered by the undead. The largest population remaining live in the western woods, sent by their avatar Fintaran to defend the high elves from the undead. Their race arose from the wild elves, some of whom fled into the nearby mountins and were granted wings by the elven gods. Their main city was Ash’thani, which is now abandoned except for the trapped Lich Queen, Koryn. The avariels magically purified themselves and are immune to the bite of the werewolf, but to their dismay can be afflicted with the bite of the weretiger. They are upright and pure in the extreme, even to the sacrificing of their entire army in an attempt to free the wild elves before they were crushed utterly by the undead. Fintaran himself survived and led the remainder of the race back up into the mountains, where they have founded a city so hidden and so secret that even its name is not known.

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