Gods of Babylonia
Marduk- god of magic and judgement, and patron of Babylonia
Ishtar- goddess of love and war
Nisroch- god of agriculture
Enlil- god of wind and breath
Anu- god of the sky
Enki- god of the sea and a trickster
Adad (Ba’al)- god of storms
Nabu- god of wisdom and writing
Nergal- god of death

Gods of the Monsoon Islands
Owatatsumi (Ryujin)- god of the sea, a dragon, and patron of the Monsoon Islands
Amaterasu- goddess of the sun
Uzume- goddess of dawn and revelry
Fujin- god of the wind
Hachiman- god of war
Izanagi- first male, god of creation and life
Izanami- first female, goddess of creation and death
Omoikane- god of wisdom and intelligence
Raijin- god of thunder and lightening
Sakuna- god of medicine and rain
Susanoo- god of storms and the trickster
Tenjin- god of scholarship
Tsukiyomi- god of the moon
Uke Mochi- the dead goddess of food, killed by Tsukiyomi

Norse and Norman Gods

Desert Dwellers’ Gods

Spellhold’s Gods

Gods of Netheril and the Undead

Dwarven and Gnomish Gods
Orkak- the drunk god

Halfling Gods

Yuanti and Scaled One Gods

Dragon Gods

Elven Gods

Goblinoid Gods

Lycanthrope Gods

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