Agnarok- dracolich- one of the first dragons, a great and mighty leader of his race. He formed the race of humans to be slaves and was slain by them. His blood ultimately brought about the destruction of the city of Netheril. Millennia after his death, the magic of the rift that formed under his bones reanimated him as a dracolich, and he disappeared into the rift.

Karthak- revived- the proud Sarruhk, progenitor of the race of yuanti and scaled ones. He led them to build the world’s first cities and later to sail across the sea to meet other races. He was slain by the Abandoned carrying bits of the Aberration. The Aberration raised him as its own avatar.

Illana- deceased- the elven woman chosen to lead her people. She had the wild elves build the city of Carstra and taught them of divination and war magic. She was slain by some of her own people after they were corrupted by necromancy.

Theeni – living- daughter of Illana and leader of the high elves. She took them west to the lost woods, where she still reigns in the city of Shalath

Karsus – lich- the great necromancer who built the city of Netheril. He caused an accident of monumental proportion after the blood of Agnarok exploded out of the ground around the city, turning his people and himself into the undead. Now he leads them into the world, conquering as he goes.

Grogna – living- the dwarven woman blessed by her gods and leader of the dwarven people. She created the races of gnomes, goblinoids, and bugbears. She still reigns in Quail.

Lupine Half-Mourn, aka Fenris – living- the first lycanthrope. He gathered the lycanthropes from among the nations into one people, but after the disaster of Netheril dispersed them again. The Norse named him Fenris after he brought his people to live among them in their society. He led his people against the city of Magnos, the home of Velek the Ghoul Lord, and took it.

Sondossa – living- the sarruhk of the northern yuanti. He leads his people against all forms of darkness, especially the Aberration and the undead. His works include the Scales of Order and the great force wall holding back the Aberration.

Tar-un – living- dwarven consort of Grogna and champion of dwarven ale and trading

Velek the Ghoul Lord – undead- Lord of the Ghouls, servant of Karsus, and particular enemy of Fenris

Fintaran – living- leader of the avariel nation and chief warrior. He survived the catastrophic battle with the undead that destroyed much of his race and took his people further north to hide and recover. He left the trap for the Lich Queen which snared her and buried her in Ash’thani

The Toshi Dynasty – continuous- the Mikado dynasty that rules the Monsoonians. The line has always championed expansion and trade over isolationism. Toshi XIII defeated the halflings and subjected them to his rule

Shirath the Vampire King – undead- King of the Vampires and servant of Karsus

Koryn the Lich Queen – undead- Queen of Liches, servant of Karsus, and defeater of the avariel and wild elven peoples. She was trapped after taking Ash’thani by a clever trap left by Fintaran in the ruined avariel city.

Cayleigh – deceased- the halfling leader who built the city of Dogorn. When the Monsoonians invaded, she directed her people to become nomads again. However, she fell in combat with Toshi XIII

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