Vyrra is a monk from the Dwarf Kingdom to the North East.


AC 14
HP 9
Quarter Staff, Sling

Died at the hand of a wizard


Vyrra of The Order of the Brewers Fist

Vyrra was raised in Drinker’s Nest monastery, which housed The Order of the Brewers Fist. She was strong in her martial studies, but cared little for arcane knowledge or other book learning. Vyrra’s life was primarily unremarkable outside of the occasional patrol into Quail to search the ruins for salvageable Brewery remains, least secrets fall into the hands of the infernal.

On one such day, when Vyrra left the training grounds of the monastery, and the peaceful hops fields at the base of the Great Golden Hills, and joined her fellow monks in excavating the ruins of a famous brewery in the Quail ruins. Towards dusk the monks lifted up board covering the furthers back wall of the old structure, and discovered an escape tunnel leading into the mountain. Hopeful the Monks set out the next morning into the caves, and after 5 days of spelunking discovered a Barbaric race of Dwarves. The Brewers Monks helped the Barbarians out of the caves, and began to indoctrinate them into society. Each monk was assigned 2-3 Barbarians as tutors, and began the difficult and tedious task of trying to civilize the uncivilized.

One of Vyrra’s assigned Barbarians was a strong lad named Grimkrale (Grim), whom she took a shine to. It turned out they were from the same clan, but had been separated a great deal of time due to the Infernal invasion of Quail. Vyrra found Grim’s brutish behavior quite off putting, but she told herself that saving him from his Neanderthal ways was a great holy calling, and a test of her monastic training. She saw in him a goodness, that gave her faith that with time he would come around and fit better into society, and thus a close relationship was born.

Nearly a year into the barbaric tribe’s attempted conversion to a more lawful life, the monastery grew nervous at news trickling in from trade routes concerning the fall of human and elven cities to the undead. Worried that this would eventually spread and ruin the Holy Brewing that the monastery was sworn to protect, The Order of the Brewers Fist chose Vyrra and Grimkrale to travel outside of their otherwise cloistered living, find out what truth their was to these rumors of danger, and eliminate anything that would pose a threat to the Hops and Barley Harvest.

Vyrra set out and met with a party, ready to stop the spread of the undead in the world. Joining up with creatures from this world, that she has no experience with, and has little understanding of is often upsetting and troublesome to her. This makes her closer to Grim, whom she sees as being equally out of place around strangers. This shyness born of a monastic lifestyle, couples with the complete lack of understanding of other cultures, makes Vyrra’s already grumpy Dwarfish demeanor a bit off putting for those who do not know her past. In her heart Vyrra desires to do good, and be a kind person, but her inbred mistrust of strangers makes her very weary of her fellow adventurers, and she will take some time to warm up to anyone other than Grim.


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