Ssstheris (Now Deceased)

Sssetheris was a Yuan-ti Cleric/Fighter who briefly served under Ultima as a liason from the Scales of Order. He died preventing the rise of an Undead Sarruhk.


Ssstheris was born in the jungles of the Southern Continent to a moderately wealthy family in the same city known for its well-developed port. He grew up hearing sailors telling tales of the North, and of the heroic deeds of the Scales of Order in combating the undead menace. His family has a long history of military service, and Ssstheris himself was raised with a deep commitment to religion. Due to life events, he eventually decided to leave home, and booked passage on a ship to Murast, where he immediately join the Scales of Order.
Ssstheris applied to join the order of paladins that form the core of the Scales, but was judged to be lacking in certain areas – namely he had trouble following orders and was a bit too unpredictable sometimes when it came to following the letter of the law. However, he showed great aptitude as a fighter, and was instead recommended to become one of the Crusaders. While not the pinnacle of prestige within the Scales, it was a high enough honor that Ssstheris accepted.
Now, with the severance of ties to the south, the Order has concerns on three fronts; the undead expansion to the North, and the whispers of corruption and destruction to the South, and the strange creatures emerging all along the coast to the east. When the Order called for volunteers to aid the humans and lycanthropes in their fight against the undead, Ssstheris was among those who answered. He and several others were sent to aid Ultima. Unfortunately, his companions were struck down by a pack of ghoul reavers during the journey, and Ssstheris alone survived. Now, the fight against the undead is personal.

Moderately Wealthy, Positive Relgious/Military Affiliation. – Well known patrons of the Scales of Order.

When Ssstheris wished to journey to Murast to join them, his family paid his passage and he went with their blessing.

Family Defense Readiness (Outstanding) – Family has a long history of military service.
Family Ethics (Good) – Family known for supporting the community.
Family Religious Commitment (Strong) – Family is deeply commited to (Pelor equivalent for Yuanti)
Family Reputation (Black Sheep or Two) – Family generally has a good rep, but a few are
known to be pretty disreputable.
Ancestor of Note (Magic Item) – Family has an unusual magical heirloom created by a family member.
Parents (Two Living), Siblings (Middle) – 2 Older, 3 Younger. (Alternatively, simply 5 Nestmates)
Extended Family (Many Living) – Rolled a 13, could be more

Education, Past, Life Events
Early Childhood Instruction (Religious) – Learned the religious beliefs of community and family.
Formal Education (Politics and Religion) – Studied both Religious and Political philosophies.
Learning A Trade (Knightly Order) – Picked this one, Scales of Order, obviously.
Early Childhood Events (Survived Childhood Danger) – ???
Youth Events (Great Romance, Lingering Effects) – Was involved in a deep relationship that went bad.
Friends (Few) – You don’t make many friends, but those you have you keep close.
Enemies (Jilted Lover) – Score! This can tie into Great Romance. After a spectacular and heartrending break, Ssstheris’ former lover hates him greatly, and wishes him ill. This partly motivated him to leave for Murast

Addendum: Now Deceased.

Ssstheris (Now Deceased)

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