Mayala Inthen

Neutral Good Avariel Rogue


Meyala was born in the avariel city of Ash’thani to a warrior family. She reached the age of 73 before the beginning of the war with the undead. She was part of the abortive avariel attempt to crush the undead armies that had destroyed Carstra in 3 TA. She was wounded and left behind accidentally, and several vampires caught her. They cut off her wings and left her for dead. She barely escaped with her life, very badly wounded, and wandered aimlessly east for days before an old traveling halfling found her and took pity on her. He took her with him back to his home city of Dogorn, where she was when the Monsoonians invaded. She joined the underground resistance and worked for a few years as things settled down in Dogorn. This is where she met Portia.
Eventually, she heard from some elven survivors passing through the town rumors that the city of Ash’thani was destroyed and occupied by the undead. Distressed by this and thinking that some of her family might have survived the destruction of the city, she decided to get up and go out to search for survivors, and to fight against the undead.

What she is trying to accomplish is several things: locating the surviving members of her race (aka the new hidden avariel city), avenge herself and her race on the undead, and help free the area from the scourge of the undead. Being elven, she’s very aware of the blight that undeath is. She enjoys espionage and stealth, although both of them are rather out of character for an avariel, and she knows most of her people, should she find them, would not approve, and might shun her for it. She still has the strict moral character of her race, so she has little skill in things like pick pocketing, because actual thievery is not in her interest area, except as part of resistance and espionage. However, she has learned to be much more flexible than most avariel are, in particular with dealing with lots of different kinds of people of different alignments. She’s neutral good, which is unusual for her people.
Her stakes in this are pretty high. Most of her life was destroyed when the undead invaded the elven lands and when the avariels abandoned their city to flee. She’s made friends among the halflings and could go back there, but her heart is in her goal to free the area from the undead and to find for her people.
The lich queen in particular is a favored enemy, although at the moment the queen is trapped in the ruins of Ash’thani, because she was the one who leveled the avariel army and the city of Carstra.

She’s still pretty young for an elf, not having even reached 100 years yet.

She does not like heights, because being high up reminds her of flying, which she can no longer do of her own power. She will not allow anyone to cast flight spells on herself, except in extremely rare, extremely specific situations. It’s not that she is afraid of heights- it just brings on a very depressed mood of grief for her lost wings.

She has black hair and green eyes, and she tends to dress in silvery grey and blue. She also has a teardrop shape brilliant blue moonstone pendant she always wears with a lily carved lightly into the surface, given to her by her grandmother when she was very young.

She plays the flute, though most of the songs she knows are halfling songs.

Mayala Inthen

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