Arbela Boleft

Warrior from the political Family Boleft, sent to defame the torhig family by undermining claims of Vyrra


Arbela Boleft was one of several daughters born to the chairman Thrim <boleft>. 6th in a line of 13 Arbela had steep competition to stand out among her siblings, and grew very tired of trying.
At her father’s suggestion she enrolled in the Dwarven Navy, only to improve his political standing, and she spent 4 years sea sick and pissed off.

Returning home after her time at sea she found herself only half qualified for the dastardly politics of the Boleft Clan. Unwilling or incapable of toting a line just for the sake of political standing, her father was unhesitating when the council asked for a volunteer from a family to check on Vyrra Torhig and Grimmkral Torhig, whom had fallen behind in sending reports from the undead infested lands to the west. Thrim is hoping his offspring will send reports downplaying the Torhig’s reports stating the undead threat, so that he can continue to grow rich and benefit from the amassing of arms and rebuilding of <quail>.

Aware that she was sent out as the most expendable offspring with military training, Arbela travels east with little in her pocket and a bit of a chip on her shoulder.

Arbela is cranky, rude, demanding, cheap, deceiving, and unafraid to use people to get her end. She is not as evil as many of the Boleft family, and her refusal to divorce herself from her conscience is part of why she is being sent East.

str 18
dex 16
con 18
int 14
wis 11
cha 8

Weapons, Spiked Chain, Great Axe

Appraise 6
bluff 1
knowledge dungoneering 6
diplomacy 5
ride 6
sense motive 4

HP: 49

Ac: 18 w/breast plate and dex mod

exotic weapon-Spiked Chain
Combat Expertise
Improved Trip
Combat Reflexes
Quick Draw


Arbela Boleft

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