Undeath to Life

More of Gina's notes

“2 as 1 can win the day, the 1 with 2 shows the way. Brave the blade to break the seal, twist the knife, it will reveal”

Garjuk- hobgoblin thief guy we managed to catch and talk out of fighting. He escaped and ran away.
He said Lord Xeron hired them. They are doing digging, and they have a cleric.

Info from the guy in the waterfall:
The betrayer is compelled to slay those who passed ahead of us if the spiders don’t.
The evil ones- several orcs and a ghoul came through (later proved to be Xeron).
The betrayer is the one who sits on the throne
He has been there since before his time, he is in a room past the spiders
His hands and feet are shackled to the throne in the statue.

The blonde king and his redheaded queen ruled here. The statue above is of the blonde king. The betrayer served them. They were invaded, and the betrayer betrayed them to these enemies. He took the crown for himself. A statue of the blonde king was built above ground, and somehow, the betrayer was cursed into undeath, guarding the blonde king’s tomb and sword for eternity (well till we killed him, anyway). He is shackled in this curse below the ground.
Why on earth is this all under the village???

Durak appeared in the dungeon to assist us in the killing of the betrayer and he wanted us to go take care of Xeron. When asked why he couldn’t do it, he said that he couldn’t enter the deepest part of the crypt. The magics there prevented him, although they did not prevent us. When asked why, he said his family’s blood is “deep in this kingdom” (whatever that means) and he is thus prevented. He is kind of starting to rot. He’s gaunt and lost one eye, although he is no longer blue.



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