Undeath to Life

Gina's Campaign notes

Campaign notes from the games. Sorry if it’s not understandable to anyone but me.

drive a pack of wolves into traps for the festival (in Nordburg)
can’t be killed

mayor’s daughter kidnapped
north of town, other side of river, last night (found to be gogre)
girl to be brought to Netheril
dwarvish runes, giantish
name of Houzi seen on the gogre’s notes

Huszi- suspected to be jerk wizard we interrogated and killed outside the temple where people died, but no confirmation of that
Gul Dal- jerk wizard who raised ZomZom, responsible for Ultima and Erik and Ssstheris’ deaths
Durak- that merchant guy who isn’t a vampire

amulet- depicting a surruhk, looks skeletal- found in the suspected “Huszi’s” tent, we still have it
pouch of dust

information from “Huszi”:
You must have been the one who killed the Master’s servant!
Gul Dal eats brains, apparently
the old one is supposedly rising (probably ZomZom)
bottom of ruins in ancient temple, ceremony will be completed and old one will rise, we will be too late

Leena- necromantic elf, she defected and accepted a geas to help resistance and not return to the other side

Durak is very pale and bluish, supposedly seasonal
no one knew his name, not seen in 1.5 years, disappeared one day and closed up shop
Tellero- Aelandra’s paladin superior
Brewdark-tavern master at pseudodragon in SH

Ryan hates pants

prophecy: When death is close at hand, the king will rise again. —> a human king in a town north of Carstra woods, where a statue is, with the prophecy carved on it


Team sent to east- made it to Chaldea, spoke to covernment didn’t go well, uninterested in formal alliances. Two died crossing undead lands, three survived to make it to Dogorn

Sidequest in Chaldea- wizard wants us to collect some stuff for him
*griffin claws- nest near Ash’Thani or near necropolis
*flying water- waterfall at the main river’s source
*fairy mushrooms- fairy ring, often in woods
*flowers of erana- on her grave, last seen near Hag Lake

**Vyrik the Mighty
The Great Tompson
Both dwarven warriors in early days of undead
after washing their weapons in a magic spring, they glowed and became awesome
confusing place in a cave
it was the gems that made it work
one died, the other took both weapons and went towards the rift
general 150 mile radius of area, not helpful

Kardeck Cani- the wizard who protected the town with the staff, old and wizened

can’t hunt in the valley
problems recently→ graveyard- day before yesterday, family not returned from it, 3 guards didn’t either
great wizard blessed the valley, source of peace

found mother and child and 3 guards, father still missing



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