Undeath to Life

Funnies 4/2/11

Andy: Let’s do something fun first.
Gina: And then fight?

Sara: Andy, who are you?
Andy: That’s classified.
Sara: I can’t even know your f***ing name?
Andy: You can know my f***ing name when I am done reading the f***ing rules!

Andy: That’s what I do: coloring your perceptions one douche bag at a time.

Ryan: I’ve got a giant wall here! I see nothing!
Andy: Well, isn’t that a personal problem?

Ryan: He looks like he’s having a psychotic breakdown.
Gina: Is that before or after I sprayed him with the drugs?

Sara: I’m going to show you my tits, give me some chips!

Andy: Let’s be happy together.
Gina: Okay.

Sara: His birthday is like Hanukkah!

Sara: I film it!
Ryan: You’re not there!
Sara: I’m everywhere!

Andy: Right, because computers have mustaches and you can comment on them.

Sara: I don’t und- oooh kitty!

Gina: I have not participated in any wholesale gambling.
Karl: Only retail gambling.

Andy: Are there any dangerously narrow openings nearby?

Andy: My all-access pass is an explosive device?
Ryan: It’s a reality show. Of course it’s an explosive device.

Ryan: Someone stashed old takeout containers in here. There’s some sentient-looking mold in them.

Andy: … This is never getting played again.



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