Undeath to Life

Funnies 3/5/11

Andy: You know what sucks balls?
Gina: You?
Andy: … You are SO plastered.

Vanessa: You two go drink! You frickin’ Irish bastards!

Vanessa: ‘F*** it! Displacer Beast!’

Sara: Gina’s too drunk to write!

Sara: I nom when I nap sometimes…

Vanessa: I know that I have big balls, but don’t let that confuse you.

Vanessa to Andy: You and Ted’s kids are going to be really ugly.

Andy: Let’s let sleeping TJs lie.

Andy: Stop!
TJ: The music!
Sara: Hammer time??

Vanessa: Andy, don’t bring your beating device to the table.
Andy: It’s my holy device!

Andy: A one man gang-bang of faith!

Andy; What’s your charisma?
Sara: 12.
Andy: You have above average boobs.

Sara to Andy: So are you a pokadex?

TJ: When that was on, I was smoking a lot of weed.
Sara: I bet it made that show that much better.

Andy to Ryan: You’re just in love with dick slapping and tentacle rape.
Sara: I can neither confirm nor deny that statement.

Andy: Tentacle rape CAN distract a man.

Andy: My 5 dex is the tragic result of a buttplug accident.

Sara: She’s 22.
TJ: So she’s already a hussy!



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