Undeath to Life

Funnies 3/26/11 (Late)

Ryan: If you eat enough crap, you’ll shit gold. And if you go looking for it, it will be surrounded by crap, but it’ll still be gold.

Vanessa: Ryan craps pink icing.
Ryan: Along with other things.

Vanessa to Sara : Is it like living with a chimpanzee?
Sara: No, it’s just living with lots of threats involving poo.

Vanessa: Guys, I am not nerdy enough for this conversation.

Vanessa: She has a Kindle! Dammit, Andy, she has a Kindle!

Ryan: You slap another swarm of bugs- not an actual swarm, a metaphorical one.
Gina: Thank you for clarifying.

Ryan: Trapped tits, what?

Vanessa: Because Ryan’s the slutty girl who doesn’t wear panties.

Vanessa: Flatfooted does not intimidate buttplug man!

TJ: Arbela’s going to hit me with her axe!
Andy: I hope you die…

Andy: I would love to have gauntlets of buttplug removal that would give me an 18 dex.

TJ: We’re going to need a new Andy!
Andy: Huh?

Gina: What is this and why is it in my folder?
Andy: Only you know the answer to that.
Sara: Only you also can prevent forest fires.

Vanessa: His noes whistles when he gets bastardly.

Sara: She’s so emo that she cut herself, and the blood distracted her.

Sara: I have a slur. A sling.

Ryan: TJ takes 6.
Sara: I have 2 quarters that says otherwise.
Ryan: Still 6. Why do you have quarters?
Sara: They are from your pants!



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