Undeath to Life

Funnies 1/8/10

Vanessa: You look so mild and yet know so many ways to kill people!
Gina: I know, isn’t it awesome?

Andy choking : Son of a bitch, big blue!!
Vanessa: If you call me that again-!

Andy: Don’t give me any of that zen bullshit!

TJ: So, who’s the second in command?
Patrick: TJ! It’ll be fun that way!

Vanessa: We could all come from an orphanage for assorted creatures!
Ted: The island of misfit adventurers!

Ted: We danced for each other and now we’re best friends.

Sara: Ohhhh yeeeah! I forgot about the asshat…

Ted: Patrick is like having a sword; Runt is like having a ballistic missile.

Vanessa: And I liked losers-
TJ: HEY!!!

Patrick: I open the door! How many times do I get hit in the chest?

Vanessa to Ryan : You’re too sexy. We can’t handle it.

Sara: Read us some pretty words!
Andy: Did you say gay words?
Sara: Pretty words!
Ryan: So, yes.

TJ: We’ve found a medieval AA meeting!

Vanessa: I loathe the environment!

Ryan: This is going to be the guy with two swords.
Sara: Or in this case, a staff and a pig.
TJ: “It’s a sword! My mom told me so!”

Sara pointing to Patrick: He looks tasty!
Ryan: But you’re fun-sized!
Sara: Awwwww….
Ryan rolls a crit : You are being fun-sized in the face!

Gina: Is that your name? Xanderdrax the Skulljuiced?
Patrick: The Skulljuicer!
Sara: It can be changed as appropriate.

Ryan to Sara : I love you for 8 points of damage.

TJ: Barbarians are proficient in all marital weapons!
Gina: Martial.

Ryan: Gina strips and tosses her armor in the pile.
Andy: You strip?!!
Gina: You’re a woman!
Andy: As a player, this concerns me greatly!

Andy: “Get back, spithead!”
Vanessa: F*** you, Andy!

Ryan: You know what’s freaky?

TJ: Yay! I love you!
Ryan to Vanessa: You should kill him. He insulted the sacred brew.

TJ: I promise if you die, I’ll make you into an ale.

Sara: You know what’s the meanest thing ever? Getting a recording of the ice cream truck song and driving around blasting it!

Ted: I’m going to set fire to it. Just in case.

Vanessa: You have a very bubbly butt for a guy.
Ryan: I have a very girlish figure!
Vanessa: Oh, who’s the precious princess!

Andy: I have Kraft (Cheese) and Macaroni!

Ted: I just feel you should use more flowery speech in your diplomacy checks.

Andy: Just channel the Skexis in you!



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