Undeath to Life

Funnies 1/5/11

Andy: My birthday is in October.
Vanessa: I’ll still know you in October.
Andy: Don’t plan that far ahead!

Andy to TJ : I will wait for your character to die with enthusiastic glee.

Ryan: That’s because I see EEEEEEVERYTHING.
Gina: Well that’s just awkward.

Sara: What?!

Andy: Races of Stone.
Vanessa: Racist?
Gina: I’m racist.
Andy: And stoned.

Andy: How do you go to a party with normal people??
Ryan: Well you drink a lot-
Andy: I’ve done that! And I’m still an awkward little boy!

Vanessa: You pretend you’re a character from a movie and act like that character would.
Andy acts like a Skeksis

Sara: What is this? Right now all I see is the yellow submarine and a bottle of gin.

Ryan: You can carry the dog! I never said you couldn’t! But y’all seemed determined to throw it, so I was going to let you!

Andy: I’m a walking trashcan.
Vanessa: You’re Oscar the Grouch!
Sara: Except a lot hotter!

Vanessa: His head is lodged under my great dwarven butt!

Sara: We did all that dodging for 5 caltrops?!
Andy: They were cal-trollops! That’s why they take up so much space!

Andy: Did we get attacked?!
Sara: No, but Aelandra better watch out- there’s a hot guy!

Sara: He doesn’t worship the right deity to polish your axe?!

Ryan stands right in front of a seated Sara
Andy: He’s simulating her halfling experience.

Andy: Ryan, check your tip.

Andy: This music is what I feel right now.
Gina: Epic sword retrieval!

Sara: I am going to empathically command my dog to turn around and fart, and then I will set the fart on fire.

Andy: I hope we die.

Vanessa rolls dice
Ryan: Close.
Vanessa and Gina: Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades!
Ryan: Well where are your grenades?

Gina: The dog has a 15 strength! I have a 10! If I got into an arm wrestling contest with the dog, it would win!
Sara: The dog is awesome! It eats f***ing babies!

Sara to Andy : The dog eats babies, like you.
Andy: I’m not a baby, I’m a babe.

Andy: ‘The bees! The dog with bees in its mouth! And when it barks it shoot bees out!’
Sara: And it also shoots flaming farts out its ass.

Vanessa: Oh no! It’s a f***er roach! I hate it when I get f***er roaches in the kitchen! They only do one thing!



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