Undeath to Life

Funnies 1/29/11

Ryan: What is it?
Vanessa: I don’t even want to talk to you.
Ryan: Well, that’ll make for a boring game for you.

Andy: I’m ashamed of all of you.
Vanessa: That’s a constant thing, so I’ve opted not to care.

Andy: With my negative intelligence modifier, I shouldn’t even know my OWN language!

Andy: You need a spoon for that?? You can just-
Vanessa: He doesn’t need less manners.
Andy: …D’okay…

Andy: Y’all aren’t the type I’d bring home to meet my mom.

TJ: What the crap?
Ryan: It’s a crab!

Sara: “We’re in a battle? Can I go into a berserker rage?”
Gina: You can do that??
Vanessa: A halfling in a berserker rage would be hilarious.

Andy: Did you just say there’s no such thing as llamas??
Vanessa: Yes. Actually, that would make me sad.

Vanessa: On the bright side, TJ finally understands combat reflexes.

Vanessa: Why did you talk him out of the puppets?! I wanted vikadin puppets!

Vanessa: Can I trip a dragon?
Sara: This is a legitimate concern.

Sara: Don’t forget his majesty! You can’t forget his f***ing majesty!

Vanessa: -Unless Ted was on crack.
Ryan: Which is possible.

Andy: I want my f***ing fantabulous prizes!

Gina: Two things I learned in Honors class- don’t eat your kids, and don’t give your wife away. It always ends badly.
Andy: I’d pay for someone to take Ted off my hands.

Sara to Andy : You are potentially the world’s worst paladin.

TJ: What if you licked the fountain?
Ryan: Do it.

Andy: If you stood next to the fountain and peed outward, would your pee become magical? Could you heal people with the golden shower?



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