Undeath to Life

Funnies 1/15/11

Patrick: I am being mathematically ridiculous.

Patrick: She has level 20 demands!

Vanessa: I’m not a wizard/abjurer?
Ted: You deceived me!

Vanessa: If we change that now, I will kill you all!
Sara: I heart you so much.

Vanessa: I could snap most of your necks with my thighs.

Vanessa: If something happens to your barbarian, you’ll play a villager who dies every session.

Ryan: Elves are immune to magic sleep. This is mojo sleep.

Ryan: If you die, you don’t get fantabulous prizes!
Andy: Woah, Cutthroat Caverns moment.

Sara: Aaaaaaandy… You have cookies coming out of your pocket….!

Ryan: This place is like the Emerald City.
Patrick: Where is the horse of a different color?

Ryan: You don’t gain any points but you hear a lot of cheering when Andy fell into the pit.

Ryan: You just got punked by a goblin. -10 points!

Ryan: He’s dead! He killed himself! I said that!
Gina: Oh! I thought you were joking!

Sara: I hear the CRAP out of you.

Vanessa: C is for cunt, and I’m about to call all of y’all that!
Ryan: C is for COOKIE, and that’s GOOD ENOUGH for me!

Andy: A natural tavern? Aren’t all taverns natural? Oh wait, we’re in the planes.

Vanessa: He doesn’t know real love. He only knows abuse.
Ted: He’s not alone in the world.

Sara: I’ll pull out the second dog.

Andy to Patrick : Are you strong enough to throw a dog 40 feet into the air with a rope in its mouth?

Andy: Throw the halfling!
Sara: I fart the whole way! Up and down!

Vanessa: He farts and a unicorn flies out.

Sara: Aelandra, there’s a giant ape coming at you! And I don’t mean that in a not literal sense!



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